It is often up for debate as to whether a small business needs Human Resource (HR) representation. Ask a variety of entrepreneurs, owners, C-level executives, and HR professionals and chances are you will receive varying answers. Many companies with less than 20 employees assume they do not need HR. However, size is not the only issue to think about. You should determine the types of employment services needed, the requirements for managing your employees, and the type of culture you want to build. Next, consider how partnering with a professional HR advisor might save you time by helping implement employment processes and procedures that increase productivity and profitability.

HR is a must

No matter how small or large…..if your company has employees, HR functions are a must have for your organization. It is certainly worth asking, what is the most effective and efficient manner to deliver HR services that help you manage your employees, while receiving sound advice to mitigate risk. While many small businesses outsource transactional services like payroll, taxes, and benefits administration, it is also an advantage to partner with an HR professional who is knowledgeable, skilled, and trained to deliver high value consultation for your human capital management needs.

Don’t underestimate the need for HR

Problems are inevitable in the workplace, and not everyone knows or understands HR and how to handle the complexities of employment when conflicts arise. HR professionals are trained to know how people think, recognize behavioral risks, and what motivates employees. They know how to identify potential risks and implement processes and procedures to mitigate those risks. [1]]“Because so many people are ‘practicing’ HR without the requisite knowledge and experience, we find ourselves as a society dealing with situations like #MeToo [the movement to expose and end sexual harassment], expensive turnover, pay disparities, and other workplace challenges – all of which make it harder for businesses to achieve success.”

Partner with a HR certified professional

Partnering with an HR professional who holds certifications from the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and/or Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) ensures that the professional providing HR services or advisement is competent, skilled, and trained in the HR profession to do so. HR’s primary value, particularly in the current economic environment, is to hire and retain the right human capital while helping to mitigate risk. If an organization wants to ensure they optimize their investment in human capital, they should engage with a highly competent HR professional.


HR functions are a critical part of day-to-day operations for any organization, regardless of the size. The best companies understand that their employees are their most valuable asset and make the necessary investments in their human capital to attract and retain top talent. Partnering with a certified HR professional that can assist with handling the simplest to the most complex employment issues will save you valuable time while increasing productivity and profitability.

[1] Gorlin, Rena, J.D. (June 14, 2018) SHRM Leader to Employers: ‘Don’t Just Prefer – Require’ Certification. Retrieved from


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