With yet another school year coming to an end, many college students are eager to put what they have learned to use. Some will search for a job just to stay busy and make a little money; others will seek employment in their respective field of study to explore a potential work environment for the future. Nonetheless, there will be an abundance of talent for which you, as a small business owner, can capitalize on by offering an internship program.

An internship program is a carefully monitored work experience in which a student has an intentional learning goal. It should include an intentional “work/life experience” plan promoting academic, career, and personal development. Internships typically include learning objectives, observations, reflection, evaluation, and assessment of the student’s skills and knowledge while balancing the intern’s learning objectives with specific organizational needs. A well-organized internship program requires plenty of time, training, and supervision.

Yes, there is something in it for you and your business. Internship programs provide businesses with the opportunity to address short-term business needs by hiring college students that are qualified to fill entry-level positions. Further, interns can help with projects and reduce the workload on more skilled workers allowing professional staff time to pursue more advanced projects. College students tend to provide fresh ideas with the latest business strategies, techniques, and technologies. Therefore, internships are a great way to advance projects that may have stalled due to limited resources.

Internship programs allow small businesses to scout for new talent. They enable businesses to maintain connections with colleges and increases visibility on campuses which is a valuable asset for future recruiting. It promotes community involvement and is an excellent public relations tool because interns often act as advocates and brand ambassadors to other students.

If your business has never offered an internship program, but wants to, or if you have had a program, but did not get what you wanted out of it, let’s talk! Next Generation HR Solutions can design a program that fits the needs of your organization while providing the intern the best possible “work/life experience” your business can offer.

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